The Beast

The AutoPerformance Motorsport BMW M3

It would be accurate to say that AutoPerformance Motorsport was born when our BMW E36 M3 project began. In the beginning, AutoPerformance Ph was a distributor of Brembo Brakes and racing safety equipment such as Sabelt, Alpinestars and Stilo. But the company's founders were racing enthusiasts, and decided to build a car that would showcase the company's products. Around this car, racing products were promoted, and a race team was formed.

When we first showed up with the M3 to the 2016 8 Oras ng Pilipinas endurance race, nobody knew what to make of it. Nobody had attempted to take on the country's more demanding race with a platform unproven to Philippine motorsport. But we believed in the platform, and had a clear vision for what it could be. With some smart modifications, an eye for detail, and some help from our corporate partners, we were able to transform this unknown into one of the most successful endurance cars in the country.


The Platform - 1995 BMW M3 (E36) US-spec

The AutoPerformance Motorsport M3 started out life as a poorly maintained road car, with some accident damage and mismatched parts all around. The engine was quite tired, and was dyno-tested at just 182whp. But the chassis was straight, and the S50B30US 3-liter straight six engine were a good starting point for this project.


Featured Components

Brembo Gran Turismo (GT) Big Brake Kit

Brembo has won more world championship race series than any other brake brand, and it's not even close. This four-piston front/four piston rear is actually the smallest kit available for the M3, but it was chosen for a reason - it is a massive upgrade from stock, and when we lighten the M3, anything more than this would be unnecessary unsprung mass. We initially went with drilled discs and a street-able pad, but when the M3 was repurposed to dedicated race duty, we swapped to slotted discs and race pads.

Read more about the Brembo GT Kit here.

Sabelt GT Pad Seat and 6-point 2" Harness

Sabelt is one of the world's top motorsport equipment manufacturers. Their innovative GT Pad race seat offers fully adjustable comfort - perfect for endurance racing. The 6-point, 2" FIA-approved race harness is perfect for use with a Frontal Head Restraint (FHR). The AutoPerformance Motorsport M3 also uses a Sabelt steering wheel and window net.

Learn more about Sabelt products here.

Laminated Windshield by Aguila Auto Glass

Safety and optical clarity are absolute musts in racing, so it was an easy choice to go with Aguila Auto Glass - the undisputed leader in automotive glass. Their products come with government-mandated ICC safety certifications and they can assure proper installation. Laminated glass is the best choice for windshields because of its high strength, and the plastic interlayer sandwiched inside the panel helps prevent incoming objects from penetrating the glass.

Learn more about Aguila Auto Glass' products here.


Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 Tires

Tires can mean the difference between winning and losing, so finding the right rubber is one of the most important aspects to racing. The Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 tires give precise, race-inspired handling. But being quick in the dry is easy - having rubber that can handle wet weather is even more important, and the Asymmetric 5's asymmetric tread pattern helps shed water for better grip even in pouring rain.

Contact Goodyear Philippines for more information about their products.


Rota Grid 17" Alloy Wheels

Rota wheels have been around for over 30 years, and are proudly Philippine made. They produce world-class quality wheels, meticulously designed, and superbly engineered, and proven in all sorts of motorsport. The AutoPerformance Motorsport M3 uses 17" Grid wheels, which have easily withstood the punishment of endurance racing.

Learn more about Rota Wheels here.

Bilstein Clubsport Fully-Adjustable Suspension

Designed with the help of racing legend Walter Rohrl and tested exetnsively in the Nurburgring, this is Bilstein's most advanced off-the-shelf system. The 2-way adjustment system allows the separate configuration of rebound and compression.

Contact Bilstein Philippines for more information about Bilstein products.

PIAA headlights and wipers

Having excellent lighting and high performance wipers are extremely important in endurance racing, where you can be racing before the sun comes up or judging the track surface in monsoon weather. We use PIAA halogen bulbs for our headlights and PIAA silicone wipers to regain visibility in the rain.

Learn more about PIAA's products here.


Build Sheet


BMW S50B30US 3.0 liter inline-6
Supersprint exhaust manifold
Supersprint race mid-pipe
Supersprint race muffler
aFe drop-in air filter
Zionsville Motorsport radiator
BMW 71 degree temp switch
Bimmerworld oil pan baffle kit
Bimmerworld dual fuel pump kit

Chassis and Brakes

Custom FIA roll cage
BMW LTW tower strut brace
Bilstein Clubsport coilovers
H&R sway bars
Custom chassis bushings
Brembo 4-piston front GT Kit
Brembo 4-piston rear GT Kit
Brembo Racing endurance pads


Aguila Auto Glass windshield
PIAA silicon wipers
PIAA headlight bulbs
Sabelt tow straps
Stage 21 carbon fiber hood
Stage 21 carbon fiber trunk
Stage 21 carbon fiber LTW-style rear wing


Sabelt GT Pad FIA seat

Sabelt 6-point 2" FIA harness

Sabelt steering wheel

Sabelt FIA window net

Sabelt door pulls

Stage 21 carbon fiber door panels

Lifeline quick release hub

Lifeline fire extinguisher system

BMW ZHP weighted shift knob

UUC short shift kit with DSSR

Stack analog gauges

Wheels and Tires

Rota Grid 17" alloy wheels

Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 tires

H&R wheel spacers

Motorsport Hardware stud kit

Contributing Workshops

AG Tune N Lube / Glenn Zamora
Debest Autofix / Jun Magno
BMW Philippines / Mark Villafania
DMF Drift Garage / David Feliciano
ARC Automotive / Alvin Caragay