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Race Report: 2019 Kalayaan Cup 12 Hours

June 11 to 12, 2019, Clark International Speedway

Car 1 Result: 2nd Overall, 2nd in Class (RP)

Car 2 Result: 10th overall, 3rd in Class (FM1)

2019 brought about a lot of changes for the team. A new car, four new teammates, a new race engineer, new mechanics, and a lot of new crew. It was an exciting start to the 2019 year, but as always, new challenges awaited the team.

For the first time, the team ran two entries - a BMW e46 M3, owned by teammate Thirdie Icasas, and the team's main car, the established e36 M3. To make this work, the two cars were prepped for different classes. The e46 M3 was to be piloted by Stefan Ramirez, Jeff Borja and newcomer Milo Rivera, and was set up for the RP class. The e36 was handicapped back to FM1 specs, to be driven by Francis Aguila, Thirdie Icasas, and newcomers Miggy Apacible and Estefano Rivera.

A lot of changes were made to the crew, as well. Stepping in as race engineer was Edgen Dy-Liacco, whose international experience and highly detailed approach brought a new dimension to the team.

The Clark International Speedway continued its quest to break the team's spirits. The e36 M3, despite a lot of prep work, suffered a broken differential in the middle of qualifying, where Francis Aguila - doing one-lap duty for the first time - succeeded in putting the car in P4 overall, 2nd in class. Luckily, the team was able to install a spare in time for race day, and with the hopes that this fairly minor problem was all it would face the rest of the weekend, the team was in high spirits.

The mighty e46 M3 was proved to be the fastest car in the field over one lap, but it also fell victim to the team's Clark Curse, with fuel starvation issues and a failed LSD. Despite this, Stefan Ramirez easily put the car on pole position, with the hopes that this new and untested monster would last all eight hours.

The e46 M3 quickly took the lead, with Stefan in the driver's seat. The e36 M3 also had great pace, and with Estefano Rivera behind the wheel, quickly moved to P2 overall. But it appeared as though CIS wasn't done with us. The e36 suffered a blown engine early in the race, nearly causing Estefano to lose control of the car. Somehow, he was able to nurse it back to the pits. Without a moment's hesitation, our mechanics started working on getting the engine sorted.

Meanwhile the e46 M3 soldiered on. Its rapid pace, however, was nullified by its thirst for fuel - needing a whopping seven pit stops throughout the eight hour race. Despite strong performances from drivers Stefan, Milo and Jeff, the constant need to jump in the pits ruined any chance of a victory for the team.

On the other side of the garage, work kept going until the e36 M3 was ready to get back onto the track. It took several hours to repair, but was able to finish off the rest of the race, with drivers Estefano Rivera, Miggy Apacible, Thirdie Icasas and Francis Aguila improbably recover for third in class.

It was easily the most difficult race weekend the team had ever faced, but the results once again proved that whatever the setbacks, AutoPerformance Motorsport never gives up, and keeps its streak of six straight races with six straight podiums alive.

AutoPerformance Motorsrpot - 2019 12 Hour Kalayaan Cup

Drivers (e46 M3)

Jeff Borja

Stefan Ramirez

Milo Rivera

Drivers (e36 M3)

Francis Aguila

Miggy Apacible

Thirdie Icasas

Estefano Rivera


Francis Aguila - Manager

Edgen Dy-Liacco - Race Engineer

Glenn Zamora - Crew Chief

Nikko Brillantes - Assistant Manager

Jay Jay Pompa - Timing

Mickey Carbonell - Timing

Kaloy Santos - Pit Wall

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Photos and video by Wizbren Ang Photography

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