Team History


AutoPerformance Motorsport may have formally been established in 2016, but under the banner of AutoPerformance Motorsport, the core of this team has been active in the automotive community and racing scene since 2014. Here are some of the highlights.

Welcome to the New Car

August 19, 2013

AutoPerformance Ph decided to build a project car to showcase its products. The vision at the time was to build a track-ready street car. But before anything else, it needed a lot of mechanical repairs just to make it roadworthy. After that, the mods followed.

2013.08.16 - work begins.JPG

First Race

March 1, 2014

Circuit Showdown Round 1, Batangas Racing Circuit

The M3 made its first racing appearance in Batangas Racing Circuit, for a leg of Circuit Showdown. Sung Joon Park got into Bracket D with a 2:05.539 lap time - a respectable effort, considering the car was still near-stock  and a full time road car.

May 21, 2014

Trans Sport Show

When our friends from AutoIndustriya.com called to ask for a display car for the 2014 Trans Sport Show, we were more than happy to volunteer the M3.

Playing in the Rain

June 14, 2014

Clark International Speedway

After installing some new upgrades, we took the M3 to the Clark International Speedway. The wet conditions allowed us to test the car, but drift instructor Paolo Arespacochaga took it one step further by going for an impromptu drift exhibition.

First Race Win

August 17, 2014

DTM Ph Leg 2, Batangas Racing Circuit

The M3's first wheel-to-wheel race was in the DTM Ph Cup, a series featuring cars from the German DTM series in the 80s and 90s. A win in race 1 was followed by a 3rd place finish, in a recovery drive following a near-miss with a wall going into turn 1.

2014 Globe Slipstream / Lotus F1 Roadshow

August 30, 2014

Globe Slipstream / Lotus F1 Roadshow, Bonifacio Global City

The Globe Slipstream/Lotus F1 Roadshow aimed to generate support for Marlon Stockingerin his bid to be the first Filipino in Formula 1. Various car groups - the DTM Ph Cup - were invited to parade their cars around the streets of Bonifacio Global City. We gladly obliged.


TV Time

January 18, 2015

Powershift on Net25

Good friend and Powershift TV host Ivan Isada Ivan Isada filmed segments of the show at then-sponsor ARC Automotive, and the M3 served as a nice prop. Ivan now serves as the Motorsport Manager for the Automobile Association of the Philippines (AAP).

2015 Globe Slipstream 2.0

June 27, 2015

Globe Slipstream 2.0 / Lotus F1 Roadshow, Bonifacio Global City

This was the second iteration of the Globe-sponsored event, and once again, various car enthusiast groups were invited to participate. Marlon even got in the M3 for a little bit, but compared to an F1 car, we have to admit he probably wasn't so impressed.

Autocross Attempt

May 23, 2015

Philippine Autocross Championship Series, Philippine Arena

It was a nice change of pace, participating in a non-bearing run in the Philippine Autocross Championship Series. With SJ Park behind the wheel, the M3 put on a show in a very tight layout.

2015.05.23 - PACS Phil Arena 2.jpg

Friendly Competition

May 24, 2015

Megatent Events Place

A day after our PACS experience, we held a friendly autocross competition. Same car, same course. Paolo Arespacochaga, narrowly beat David Feliciano for the win, followed by Francis Aguila, Gaby dela Merced, Nickoy Bautista and Mark Laxa.


Representing the Marque

January 15, 2016

BMW Philippines Aftersales Training Center

It was an amazing honor to have the support of BMW Philippines as we began our motorsport journey. BMW Master Technician and Head Trainer Mark Villafania takes over the car, replacing old parts with genuine BMW components.

2017.01.15 - BMW Ph.JPG

Touge Battle!

April 4, 2016

Touge Battle Round 5, Batangas Racing Circuit

The M3 has tried everything from circuit, to autocross, to drift, but this was something different. Touge Battle is a really fun cat-and-mouse chase game with cars. Good friend and then-Top Gear Philippines Associate Editor Paulo Subido took the wheel for an exhibition run.

2016.04.16 - TB BRC TGPh.JPG

Supporting C! Magazine

May 19, 2016

2016 Trans Sport Show

Our friends over at C! Magazine were setting up a display and were looking for something eye-catching yet different to put in their booth. With an upcoming feature in their June 2016 issue, the M3 made sense. And of course, we were happy to support the cause!

2016.05.19 - C-mag TSS.jpg

Another DTM Ph Win

May 29, 2016

DTM Ph Leg 1, Clark International Speedway

The team's second appearance in the DTM Ph resulted in a win in race 1, was followed by a DNF due to a fuel pump issue. At this point, the M3 was beginning to become a little less of a road car, and a little more of a race car, which sets up the next few years.

Visiting James Deakin on CNN

November 24, 2016

CNN Philippines Studios

Team members Francis Aguila and Stefan Ramirez pay James Deakin a visit on his CNN show. We talk about racing, the team's first attempt at endurance racing, and James' own endurance racing experiences. James now runs his own sit, JamesDeakin.Ph.


2016 8 Oras ng Pilipinas

December 3-4, 2016

Philippine Endurance Challenge, Clark International Speedway

Our first foray into endurance racing, and the team took 3rd in class.

Click here for the full race report


Presenting the Trophy to BMW Philippines

December 9, 2016

BMW Philippines Aftersales Training Center

BMW Philippines, especially Jun Francia, Tom Artajos, and Mark Villafania of the Aftersales team, were instrumental in the team's success on track. It was with pride that we showed them that their faith in use was worthwhile.


Celebrating BMW's 100th Birthday

March 7, 2017

BMW 100th Anniversary Celebration, Bonifacio Global City

The M3 enjoys some celebrity attention from Rhian Ramos during the 100th Anniversary event.


2017 4 Oras ng Pilipinas

Our first endurance victory, earned after a thrilling battle.

Click here for the full race report

PEC_2048px_wm-198 of 327-DSCF0788.jpg

Presenting the Trophies to BMW Philippines - Again

September 15, 2017

BMW Xpo, Bonifacio Global City

On this day we thank then-Title Sponsor BMW Philippines, by presenting the class and overall trophies to Jun Francis and Tom Artajos of BMW Philippines' Aftersales Division.


Back to Autocross

September 24, 2017

Philippine Autocross Championship Series, Megatent Events Place

Just for fun, the team goes for a round of autocross racing. The M3 is piloted by Paolo Arespacochaga, who goes on to win the DMF class, and Jay Jay Pompa, who wins the GT class.

2017.09.24 - PACS MT.png

TV Feature with Rev on ANC

November 16, 2017

Rev on ANC

With the M3 starting to gain some recognition in the racing industry, TV show Rev did a feature with Team Principal Francis Aguila, talking about growing up a car enthusiast, getting into racing, and what makes the BMW M3 such a great car.

20171116_134218 - ANC Rev.jpg

2017 8 Oras ng Pilipinas

December 1-2, 2017

Philippine Endurance Challenge, Clark International Speedway

In our second attempt at the 8 hour race, we came up with another 3rd place finish in class, though improving our overall finish from 9th to 7th.

Click here for the full race report


Getting More Serious About Racing

February 16, 2018

Debest Autofix

After focusing mostly on maintenance and simple bolt on modifications, the team decided that it was time for a more advanced approach. Jun Magno and his shop, Debest Autofix fitted a real FIA-spe croll cage and did some real race car modifications to the M3 for the first time.


2018 Team Launch

May 5, 2018

Victor Hardware Booth, Trans Sport Show

Announcing its intent to go racing full time, AutoPerformance Motorsport held a launch event at the 2018 Trans Sport Show. The team unveiled its new title sponsor, Victor Hardware, and a new all-original livery to a crowd of media and supporters. 

2018.05.19 - 2018 team launch.jpg

2018 12 Hour Kalayaan Cup

June 11-12, 2018

12 Hour Kalayaan Cup, Clark International Speedway

In the longest endurance race ever held in the country, AutoPerformance Motorsport emerged victorious.

Click here for the full race report


Celebrating Another Win

June 22, 2018

Victory Party

It is important to find time to celebrate and give thanks to each member of the crew, all the team's supporters, sponsors, and media members.

2018.06.22 - victory party.jpg

2018 8 Oras ng Pilipinas

December 1-2, 2018

Philippine Endurance Challenge, Clark International Speedway

With a season title on the line the team pulled all the stops to secure the distinction being the country's first national endurance champion.

Click here for the full race report


2018 Golden Wheel Awards

March 9, 2019

Golden Wheel Awards

It was an honor to accept a special award from the Golden Wheel Foundation, for winning the country's first ever 12-hour race.

2019.03.09 - Golden Wheel (2018).jpg

2018 AAP Awards

April 4, 2019

AAP Awards, 2019 Trans Sport Show

In our proudest moment to date, the team is confirmed by the Automobile Association of the Philippines as the 2018 Philippine Endurance Champions. It was a true joy for the three original members of the team, Stefan Ramirez, Francis Aguila, and George Apacible.

2019.04.04 - AAP Awards (2018).jpg

Seeing Double

May 11, 2019

Clark International Speedway

For the 2019 Kalayaan Cup, AutoPerformance Motorsport prepared to field two cars - the team's e36 M3, and an e46 M3 owned by Thirdie Icasas. Along with Thirdie, Milo Rivera, Estefano Rivera, and Miggy Apacible joined us for the event.


2019 12 Hour Kalayaan Cup

June 11-12, 2019

12 Hour Kalayaan Cup, Clark International Speedway

Despite a leadup filled with challenges, and a number of mechanical problems on race day, The team finished with a double podium.

Click here for the full race report


Temporary Hibernation

August 18, 2019

AG Tune N Lube

With the Philippine endurance racing in flux, the M3 gets a much deserved vacation. Livery is stripped, engine is pulled out, and the car takes a well deserved break. But not for too long, we hope.


The Kandi Racing Era

January 22, 2020

With a revival of interest in endurance racing, AutoPerformance Motorsport sprung to action. Believing in the team's vision is Mark Savino of Kandi Realty, a boutique developer in Pampanga, who signed on as the team's new Title Sponsor for 2020.


Looking Forward to a Good Year with Goodyear

February 18, 2020

Goodyear Philippines Headquarters

Signing with our first ever tire sponsor was  a big step for the team. In the previous years, AutoPerformance Motorsport shied away from tire sponsorships, waiting for a partner whose products we truly believe in. And in Goodyear, we have found it.


Preparing for 2020, but 2020 Had Other Ideas

With the team structure firmly established, the right partners and sponsors on board, and a renewed sense of purpose, AutoPerformance Motorsport was primed for a strong 2020. Unfortunately, with the worldwide pandemic shutting down motorsport indefinitely, the team will not compete until 2021. Until then, we will pray for the safety of our countrymen, and the well being of our nation. We will race again.